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On Friday, MNB took note of a Travel & Leisure report on how the Scottish beer company BrewDog plans to open the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel" in Columbus, Ohio, which will be attached to the brewery it is building there. The story says that among the amenities that will be offered in the BrewDog hotel are "a tap in every room featuring Punk IPA, the brand’s flagship brew" ... "a beer-stocked mini-bar in every shower, so you never have to go a second without a beer in hand" ... "access to limited-edition brews from the brewery next door" ... "a spa that uses beer in its products and treatments, such as hop oils and a malted barley massage" ... and "craft-beer pairings during breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Which prompted MNB reader Stacy McCoy to write:

OhmygodohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!!! I can honestly say I have never been THIS excited to go visit COLUMBUS… OHIO!

But really, do you see the business lesson here? Aside from appealing to all of the craft beer geeks in the Midwest, or further… this company is trying something new and outside of the box in an industry that some will say is nearing a bubble burst due to all of the growth that the Microbrewery/ Craft Beer industry has seen in the past few years.

I travel a lot… A LOT. And if there was a chain of hotels that had a beer on tap and SHOWER BEERS in every room… well I can tell you where I would be booking all of my overnight stays.

See you in Columbus!

I sense an MNB get-together there in my future...

From another reader, Chris Esposito:

Kevin, funny that you mention this as I had already made a small investment in the brewery itself.  The DogTap opened two weeks ago and has been packed since and they expect to start brewing in April.  I think you’d find these two young men pretty entertaining but also pretty much doing what you always talk about – being disruptive.  Just read some of the stories of things they’ve done, quite hysterical.  Also, they had a three year run on the Esquire Network – Brew Dog’s, where they drove around the US brewing with guys from Stone, DogFish Head, Sam Adams, etc. but each time with some crazy twist to the brewing process.  I can’t wait to get to the bar in Columbus and claim some of my investment “swag”!

And finally, writing about the broader competitive issues that occupy us much of the time here on MNB, one reader sent the following email:

As we're watching the MNB Nature Hour unfold, the camera zones in on a particularly moronic Bunny eating clover. She doesn't notice the Coyote sneaking up behind her until it's too late. As viewers, we mourn bunny, that is until the camera shows Mama Coyote bringing her starving Puppy that dumb Bunny for a meal.

Is the Coyote evil? Is the Puppy evil? (trick question-impossible for a puppy to be evil) I would argue that in the grand scheme of things the Coyote is doing all the Bunnies out there a massive favor by frightening them into becoming faster and smarter.

Everyone who is blaming Amazon needs to stop being the Bunny and redirect that energy into stepping up their game. If they don't they might get eaten, and that's not the Coyote’s fault.

I’m tired of people acting like competition is evil instead of praising it for pushing us to be our best. Competition is what made America great in the first place. I don't want people to lose their jobs, I just want them to be pushed to become their best.

It is emails like this one that remind me why I love the MNB community so much.
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