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The Associated Press reports that Amazon plans to open a storefront store near the Ohio State University campus in Columbus where "students with an Amazon prime membership can pick up items from self-service lockers or with help from an Amazon employee."

The story notes that Amazon has opened similar storefronts at more than a dozen educational institutions around the country. (And not just near universities. The company recently opened one just off the Strip in Las Vegas.)
KC's View:
I used to write in response to such stories that Amazon's goal was to get 'em while they're young, in the belief that they would remain Amazon customers as they move into adulthood. But the simple fact is that the vast majority of these students - and their parents - likely are Amazon customers long before they get to college, and these storefronts are just a matter of remaining both relevant and convenient ... an approach that it will continue to undertake as they move into adulthood and are looking for online options when they buy pretty much everything.