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The New York Post reports that Abel Porter, former senior vice president at Kroger-owned, Utah-based Smith's Food & Drugs, has been named CEO of struggling New York-based Fairway Markets.

He succeeds Jack Murphy, who has been running Fairway "for the past two and a half years, presiding over two ownership turns and Fairway’s precipitous fall from Big Apple darling to a bruised chain." Fairway never has had a profitable quarter since its 2013 IPO, and it emerged from bankruptcy last July.
KC's View:
The New York metro area ain't Utah ... but Porter is an actual retailer who may be able to figure out how to make Fairway relevant and growing again. But it isn't going to be easy, since the folks at Fairway seem to have done their level best to squander the enormous equity that the retailer had created over decades. The first mistake was to allow the founding Glickberg family to just walk away, because they took with them much of the marketing/merchandising secret sauce that made the company distinctive.

BTW ... I wonder how long it'll take for Abel Porter to speed dial the folks at Kroger is ask if they'd like to invest in a New York fixer-upper.