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The Ann Arbor News reports that "Shipt has begun hiring more than 10,000 shoppers this year to deliver groceries to Meijer customers."

"Hundreds of shoppers" will be deployed to the 14 stores where Meijer will be offering delivery services, the story says.

"We think there is going to be a huge amount of demand," Bill Smith, Shipt's founder/CEO, tells the paper. "We have already seen it in Detroit, when we launched in that area. We think that will carry out in the 6-state region that Meijer operates in."

The story notes that Shipt, in fact, "learned a lesson in the Detroit area pilot program: it underestimated how many shoppers it would need. Customers have placed more than 65,000 orders since the service launched in September."
KC's View:
This is one of the ways that retailers can avoid becoming collateral damage in the Walmart-Amazon wars. It is why every food retailer has to be developing their own competitive responses to what Walmart and Amazon are doing.