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• Coborn’s, Inc. announced this week that Daniel G. (Dan) Coborn, former chairman/president/CEO of the company, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 86.

Dan Coborn started delivering groceries at age 10, when most adult men were off fighting World War II; he'd sit on a pillow while driving the truck so he could see over the steering wheel. And the obit notes that "Dan led the company for the greater part of the 20th century, serving as its chief executive from the late 1950s until 1999."

Coborn’s, Inc. was once named one of the Ten Most Generous Companies in America, and Dan Coborn was also well know for his personal philanthropy.
KC's View:
The obit take note of a number of different sayings for which Dan Coburn was known, but I think I like this one best:

“You can’t sell from an empty shelf.”