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The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is delaying the public opening of its checkout-free Amazon Go store in Seattle, citing the need to work through technical glitches.

The technology-heavy convenience store was scheduled to be opened by now, but there have been issues that have slowed down the process.

To this point, the store only has been open to Amazon employees, giving the company the ability to test the cameras, sensors and algorithms used to allow people to walk out of the store without going through a checkout and be automatically charged for their purchases. The big problem, apparently, is that when more than 20 people are in the store, the sensors get confused.
KC's View:
Since it is a pretty good guess that this store often will have more than 20 customers at a time, it makes sense to get it right. (You don't want to open it to the public and then close it down when the technology doesn't work.) The process may be a little more public than Amazon ordinarily would like, but they're not going to be worried about people like me being impatient. They know, to quote something my mom used to tell me, that "patience is a virtue."