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Business Insider has a story about a Barclays analysis of Whole Foods that suggests it "has lost as many as 14 million customers in the past six quarters" - many of them to Kroger.

Here;'s how the analysis is described:

"Kroger - a conventional grocer not known for organic offerings - has not historically been regarded as a significant threat to Whole Foods.

"But in recent years Kroger has ramped up its supply of organic foods in a bid to steal market share from Whole Foods and other niche grocers such as Sprouts Farmers Market and Fresh Market.

"Kroger now devotes several aisles in its stores to organic and natural foods and offers a variety of organic meat and fresh produce. The chain has its own line of organic goods under the 'Simple Truth' brand, and it's prices are about 15% cheaper than Whole Foods' prices, according to a study last year.

"The expansion into organics has paid off. Kroger's sales of organic and natural food totalled $16 billion in the past year, compared to $15.8 billion at Whole Foods, according to Barclays."
KC's View:
What I think has to be concerning to Whole Foods would be the possibility - maybe even the probability - that they'll never get these shoppers back. Whole Foods will have to do something extraordinary to lure those shoppers back inside its stores, and it doesn't have a big window in which to make that play.