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Yesterday, we had a piece about how Kroger has launched a new website designed to share "stories, ideas & inspiration from The Kroger Family of Companies."

MNB reader Jerome Schindler had a different story:

Unfortunately the  story for the Kroger near me would have to be classified as a fairy tale - perhaps "The Ugly Duckling".

I have been a reader of MorningNewsBeat for many years and noted your continuing praise for the Kroger Company.  I must live near the worst Kroger store in the entire country located on E. Broad St. in Whitehall, Ohio, a close by suburb of my Columbus home.  (Many of my neighbors call it "Krummy Krogers", so it is not just me.)

As part of our division of marital duties I do almost all of the grocery shopping because as a 74 year old veteran of the grocery business on the supplier side  I (usually) enjoy it.   Not being much of a TV fan I often do grocery shopping in the late evening. Went to that Kroger tonight and had a lot of stuff - was ready to checkout about 10 p.m. There were no cashiers on duty - all of us were forced to either just leave the groceries they had spent the better part of an hour loading into their cart or use the Kroger self check out - and not all of those self check outs were even in service. The one lady overseeing the process was run ragged with people like me who have no experience with the quirky Kroger self checkout. She had to come back to me several times when the machine just stopped working for me when I did something wrong, and actually got a little impatient with me.

I am old fashioned and believe that self check out should be an option, not mandatory at any time the store is open. I am calling the manager tomorrow.  I'd call the Kroger consumer response department but my experience over the years is that they are mostly brain dead - complaints don't seem to ever get passed on to management.  Perhaps someone higher up at Kroger will see this.  I am in the phone book, he/she can call me if they wish, but I do not expect any such call.

Well, I think it is fair to say that they've probably read it now.

Everybody has bad days. Every company has bad stores. I hope they get back to you, and that you'll keep MNB readers in the loop.
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