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The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald's has announced that it will begin using fresh beef, not frozen, for its Quarter Pounders in the vast majority of its US restaurants.

The story notes that the decision "marks one of the biggest moves the company has made to turn around its struggling U.S. business."

McDonald's is facing increased competition from fast food rivals that use fresh beef, as well as the failure of a number of initiatives designed to serve healthier food. The company has said that this is just part of a broader strategy of focusing on the quality of its burgers, though there has been no commitment to using fresh beef for its other hamburger offerings.
KC's View:
The position here for a long time has been that the best way for McDonald's the revive its failing fortunes is to serve tastier food. If fresh burger patties taste better than frozen burger patties, it seems to me that this will be an important step. It won't make them Shake Shack or In-n-Out, but it will make them a better McDonald's.