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CNBC reports that new data from The NPD Group's Checkout Tracking Service suggests that Americans as a whole tend to be value-driven consumers, with about 95 percent of US shoppers buying something at a Walmart during 2016, and 89 percent buying something at a McDonald's.

In third place was Target, where 84 percent of Americans shopped last year.

As for Amazon ... the story says that "despite accounting for more than half of the growth in online spending last year, Amazon barely squeaked into the top 20. Some 42 percent of consumers spent money on Amazon, according to NPD. Amazon tends to attract a higher-income shopper than Wal-Mart, though the expansion of its subscription Prime program to a broader swath of the population has lowered its shoppers' average income."
KC's View:
This tells us, I think, that Amazon has a lot of room left in which it can grow. And that Walmart's chief challenge is to figure out how to sell more stuff to the people it already serves. The question that remains - and to which I honestly do not have an answer - is how far Walmart can wander outside its traditional lane in making this happen.