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Forget influencing presidential elections. The New Yorker has a story about how "one of Russia’s largest fast-food chains, Teremok, has expanded its reach to Manhattan, and has set about dispensing fast-casual Russian cuisine to the masses of tourists and commuters who pass through the crowded streets of midtown."

Teremok's version of the big Mac is the blini, described as "the Russian equivalent of crêpes, thin pancakes folded around fillings such as sweet cheese, ground meat, or salmon roe. Unlike their French cousins, blini are made with yeasted dough, so they are airier and lighter, with a hint of sourness that complements sweet fillings and adds complexity to savory ones."

Now, having opened so many locations in Moscow that The New Yorker describes them as being "almost comically ubiquitous," the plan is to invade New York City and maybe beyond.

Why? The chain’s founder, Mikhail Goncharov, says it is simple: America, he says, is "the motherland of fast food.”

You can read the entire story here. (Good luck not getting hungry.)
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