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The Washington Post reports on how artificial intelligence is finding a role in the food business.

"On Tuesday," the Post writes, "Mastercard announced it has partnered with Subway and two other major merchants to launch 'chatbots,' which are robots that simulate human conversation. The Subway iteration allows you to order a custom sandwich for pickup, something of a digital version of walking down the chain’s sandwich assembly line. There’s another from Cheesecake Factory that allows shoppers to purchase and send out gift cards, and a third from online grocer FreshDirect in which customers can place orders for groceries and meal kits ... These big-name brands join a growing group of retailers that are experimenting with how chatbot technology can be leveraged for digital shopping. The debut of the bots will provide a fresh test of shoppers’ appetite for what the industry has dubbed 'conversational commerce,' the idea of making a purchase or other customer service transaction through A.I.-powered messaging."

The extent to which chatbots will play a role in the conduct of commerce is, at this point, unknown. But the possibilities are enormous ... and you can read more about them here.
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