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USA Today reports that CVS Health, just three years after deciding to get out of the tobacco business because it was inconsistent with the health-oriented image it is trying to build, now "plans to accelerate a store renovation project, devoting more floor space to nutritious food and health products ... CVS executives said Wednesday that they would implement the new format at several hundred stores by the end of 2018, demonstrating the company’s commitment to remake itself as a beacon of healthy living rather than a place devoted primarily to treating illnesses and selling candy bars."

The story goes on: "The overhaul includes abandoning the typical smorgasbord of candy at the front counter, moving those items farther back and devoting that coveted shelf space to healthier choices, including organic foods, sugar-free items and protein bars. CVS is also betting on items connected to helping people sleep, skincare and healthy 'eat-on-the-run' snacks, said Judy Sansone, senior vice president for the front store business and chief merchant."

Another notable line from the USA Today story: "The company will sell fewer seasonal products and other general items that are suffering against online competition, namely Amazon."
KC's View:
I'm not the biggest fan of CVS (though I am a customer), but I do admire the idea that it seems focused on trying to be strategically and tactically consistent. And I think the last point is an important one - that sometimes retailers have to embrace the intelligent loss of business, and move on ... building on strengths rather than focusing on legacies.