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• The New York Times reports on how Amazon - likely this year to pass Macy's and become America's biggest seller of apparel - "is exploring the possibility of selling custom-fit clothing, tailored to the more precise measurements of customers, and it has considered acquiring clothing manufacturers to further expand its presence in the category.

"If there are tipping points in retail — moments when shopping behavior swings decisively in one direction — there’s a strong case to be made that apparel is reaching one now, with broad implications for jobs, malls and shopping districts." While apparel has been slower than some categories to shift to an e-commerce model, the fact remains that Amazon has been throwing resources at the segment, hoping to be able to translate the success that it has had in so many other categories to clothes.

One of the factors holding some consumers back from shopping for clothes online is that they like to try on items before buying them; retailers selling clothes online have to be prepared for the high number of returns, which affects margins and profitability. Clothes that are tailored to custom-fit shoppers certainly would go a long way in addressing this issue.
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