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The Indianapolis Star reports that Marsh Supermarkets, which recently announced the closure of 10 stores, or 15 percent of its fleet, now " is closing its pharmacies after reaching a deal to sell its prescription records and drug inventory to CVS Health Corp. Marsh's pharmacy operations will cease in May."

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Marsh did not comment on the arrangement, though CVS released a statement saying that "CVS and Marsh will work together to ensure that pharmacy patients experience a seamless transition with no interruption of service."
KC's View:
It has been noted that private equity group Sun Capital, which bought Marsh for $88 million in cash and the assumption of $237 million in debt, manages a fund worth more than $9 billion - so if it wanted to invest in Marsh and try to make it more viable, it could. But it becomes more and more clear that it doesn't want to, and that Marsh seems to have been cut adrift.