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by Kevin Coupe

The Seattle Times reports that Amazon has decided to show a little gratitude to the Massachusetts fishing community of Manchester-by-the-Sea, which gave its name and served as a location to the Oscar-winning movie produced by Amazon.

The retailer, in connection with the release of the film on Prime Video "will ship to every Manchester household a gift box with a code to enroll in Prime for free and three packs of popcorn from Amazon’s own private label brand, Wickedly Prime.

"The membership means that the 5,000 or so residents of the city will get access to Prime Video in time for their namesake movie’s launch on May 5."

Prime membership normally would cost $99 a year.

This is very clever ... and reflects the broader strategic approach that Amazon takes to business development. It isn't just about selling stuff ... it is about creating an ecosystem in which products are available, food is purveyed, content is created, and people's lives are made easier through technology.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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