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• The Dallas Morning News reports that "many supermarkets, convenience stores and chain restaurants that operate in North Texas say they are moving forward with adding nutrition labeling, even though federal requirements that were supposed to go into effect Friday have been pushed back a year.

"Most companies, which have already done all the prep work, see no reason to hold off, especially supermarkets with elaborate prepared meal sections." These companies include HEB's Central Market and Sprouts.

• Got a press release yesterday relaying the fact that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a decision saying that sucralose - the sweetening ingredient in the original Splenda Sweeteners – is "safe and does not cause cancer."

EFSA concluded that studies saying that sucralose can cause cancer were not supported by data and "used an unconventional design leading to inconclusive, unreliable results and were unable to prove any probable effect of sucralose on tumor development."

I had to laugh when I read this press release since I just recently finished reading the new Spenser novel, "Little White Lies," by Ace Atkins, and there is an exchange in the book where private eye Spenser is drinking coffee with a state policeman named Lundquist. At one point, Spenser says that "Lundquist reached for a couple of fake sugars and added them to his coffee. I'd rather drink rat poison." I guess Spenser hasn't seen the new research...
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