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Engadget reports that in the UK, Tesco - prompted by similar offerings by Amazon and Sainsbury - has been testing a one-hour delivery program.

According to the story, "The one-hour option only exists within a private app the supermarket has so inventively named Tesco Now ... As it stands, the app offers a limited selection of groceries for speedy delivery in London zones 1 and 2.
Like Prime Now, you can also choose whether you want the delivery within 60 minutes or two hours. There's currently no fee attached to either, but it looks like Tesco is thinking about charging £6 for the quicker option and £5 if you can wait that bit longer -- comparable to Sainsbury's and Amazon's delivery charges."

Engadget goes on to say that "this is very much a private trial, so there's no guarantee Tesco will actual launch a one-hour service, and it might look completely different if and when it does. However, Tesco does support shopping orders through Amazon Alexa and more recently, Google Assistant, so it's arguably in the best position to play Amazon at its own game."
KC's View:
Well, maybe not as much a "private trial" as Tesco would've wanted.

But we may be at a point where things like one-hour delivery services could be the cost of being in the business, and not anything unusual.