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The Washington Post reports that Wegmans has finally identified a location where it will open an urban store in Washington, DC - a portion of Fannie Mae headquarters on Wisconsin Avenue NW, across from the posh and pricey Quaker-owned and operated K-12 Sidwell Friends School. (Tuition is $40,000 a year, but that includes a hot lunch.)

Fannie Mae is expected to move out of the space next year, and Wegmans would likely open an 80,000 square foot store - one of the smallest in its fleet - by 2022.

"The D.C. location will be one of the company’s smallest, and most urban, outposts," the Post writes. "The supermarket chain, known for its sprawling stores, has in recent years begun planning more city-friendly alternatives. A Brooklyn location, Wegmans’s first in New York City, is expected to open next year."

Wegmans currently operates 92 stores.
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