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Fast Company has a fascinating piece about the impact of automation on retail. An excerpt:

"As retailers install self-checkout systems, proximity beacons that flash offers to shoppers’ phones, and invest in robots that replenish shelves, they’re likely to need fewer and fewer workers in the coming decade. A new analysis finds that up to 7.5 million jobs are at risk in U.S. retail, with women and rural areas particularly affected."

The argument is that a combination of retail productivity stagnation and increased minimum wage laws - not to mention pressure from investors to show greater returns on lower costs - is creating an almost impossible-to-resist shift toward automation at all levels of retail.

You can read the entire story here.
KC's View:
It is a provocative story, because it makes one think about the implications of where the world is going. One cannot resist the advantages of technology, but public policy requires that we think about - and act upon - the changes that technology brings about.