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• The San Diego Union Tribune has a piece about how Netflix CEO Reed Hastings responded to questions at the Code technology conference about why his company has not invested in live sports streaming, unlike Amazon, which recently signed a streaming deal with the NFL.

“They’re trying to be Walmart," Hastings said about Amazon. "We’re trying to be Starbucks.”

The Union Tribune writes that "the Starbucks-Walmart comparison, though arguably apropos, suggests that Netflix has a bit of a superiority complex when it comes to the quality of its own original shows and movies. Amazon, meanwhile, is the anything-for-everyone brand, as Hastings sees things."

At the conference, Hastings said, "Amazon’s business strategy is super broad: Meet all needs. The stuff that will be in Prime in five to 10 years will be amazing, right? We can’t try to be them. We’re never going to be as good as them at what they’re trying to be ... What we can be is the emotional connection brand, like HBO.”
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