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• In the UK, Marketing Week reports that 62 percent of the nation's population shopped in a Lidl or an Aldi during the most recent quarter - an increase that coincided with rising food inflation (currently at 2.9 percent).

The story says that "according to Kantar Worldpanel, the German discounters grew at their fastest rate since January 2015, with combined sales rising 19.2% and the pair reaching a record market share of 12%. To put this into perspective, the big four’s collective sales grew by just 1.6% over the same period."

• Technomic is out with a study saying that "nearly half (49%) of college & university students avoid some type of meat or animal products" ... "more students are price-sensitive off-campus (58%) than on-campus (46%)" ... and "slightly more than half (54%) of students say it’s important to eat healthy and pay attention to nutrition."

In other words, once they graduate, burgers and beer pong are going to be less central to their lives. Probably.
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