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IRI is out with a new study saying that the click-and-collect e-commerce model is expected to be "a core driver of growth in e-commerce purchases of consumer packaged goods (CPG). Survey responses showed an overwhelmingly positive customer response and adoption as well as the successes of major retailers with click-and-collect programs."

The study goes on: "While e-commerce currently represents only a small portion of total CPG purchasing, it is expected to make up approximately 11 percent of CPG sales by 2022, hitting nearly $88 billion in revenue — $6.6 billion of which IRI expects to be from click-and-collect programs. Click-and-collect combines the convenience of shopping online without the fees or delays of delivery and integrates a retailer’s e-commerce and brick-and-mortar platforms into one shopping experience. While only 8 percent of U.S. shoppers have purchased products using a click-and-collect program, 82 percent of shoppers who have used the service would 'definitely' or 'probably' use it again."

And, "nearly seven in 10 shoppers (69 percent) use click-and-collect services to avoid charges for shipping, the most frequently cited reason for using the service. Furthermore, half of all users cite the time savings click-and-collect affords as a motivation to use the service."
KC's View:
And, the good news for retailers is that pretty much every one I've spoken with agrees that click-and-collect is a model that becomes profitable a lot faster than delivery.