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• The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that "Kroger plans to open a Downtown supermarket in the summer of 2019, giving neighborhood residents, city officials and boosters what they've sought for decades." The two-level, 45,000-square-foot supermarket will be one block east of Kroger's headquarters, and will include a second-level wine and beer bar.

USA Today reports that as German discounter Lidl opens stores in the US, it will feature an fashion line designed and promoted by supermodel Heidi Klum, who has a high media profile because of her "Project Runway" TV series.

"Klum, who is German, doesn't seem fazed by seeing her apparel show up in the place normally associated with stacks of peanut butter jars and or boxes of Kleenex," the story says, quoting her as saying, “Lidl is known for making quality products at affordable prices and I’m proud to partner with them on this fashion collaboration."
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