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Fast Company has a story that questions whether meal kit companies - which are popular right now, with Blue Apron announcing its plans to go public - have the right stuff to be able to remain relevant and viable five years from now.

"While interest in meal kits is growing, there isn’t strong evidence that most people are ready to give up entirely on the grocery aisle," Fast Company writes. "Meanwhile, Blue Apron’s marketing department is spending an exorbitant $94 per customer to get people to sign up for its service–and in the last year, its customer growth rate has actually slowed. So is Blue Apron really cut out to be a public, stand-alone company?"

One possibility: "Blue Apron and many meal kits are rigid in format and as such largely supplemental to traditional grocery stores. That makes them potential targets for acquisition by grocers with a digital strategy."

Good piece, and you can read it in its entirety here.
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