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The Tampa Bay Times reports that Publix plans to launch "same-day grocery delivery across all Publix locations. Prompted by customer demand, the newly-expanded service will be fully rolled out by 2020."

The story notes that Publix already delivers in some Florida markets, as well as from "some stores in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. The expansion will add more delivery to these states, as well as Alabama and Virginia."

Publix is teaming up with Instacart to provide the delivery services.
KC's View:
I continue to believe that while I think it is a good thing that Publix seems to finally have made some sort of commitment to e-commerce, using Instacart is actually a way of hedging its bets ... and doing so in a way that puts the brand potentially at risk, because it is allowing a third party that has similar relationships with other retailers to handle that last mile responsibility. And yet, if a driver screws up or delivers a less than optimal experience, the customers is going to blame Publix, not Instacart.