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• Last week, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announced that this year's Robert B. Wegman Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence has been given to Debbie and Rudy Dory of Newport Avenue Market in Bend, Oregon, with FMI president/CEO Leslie Sarasin describing them as being "as colorful as the vision they have for their community and they have kept their shoppers ... guessing since 1991. They are a small operation, but mighty in spirit, and they embolden their industry peers to push boundaries and delight consumers in inventive ways."

Full disclosure: Rudy and Debbie, as well as their daughter Lauren Johnson, are in the top rank of MNB faves. Great family, great store.

• And, FMI recognized Peter V. “Greg” Gregerson, president and CEO of Gregerson’s Food and Pharmacy Inc., for two decades of government relations advocacy with its Glen P. Woodard Award for Public Affairs.

Both awards were handed out at FMI's professional development event, Future Leaders eXperience, in Chicago.
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