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The Miami Herald reports that a federal judge in Miami has ruled that Winn-Dixie violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) "by failing to make its website accessible to blind and visually impaired users. In a landmark win for civil rights advocates on Monday, the Jacksonville, Florida-based grocery and pharmacy chain has set aside $250,000 to revamp its online site and was ordered to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees."

According to the story, "Judge Robert Scola wrote in his ruling against Winn-Dixie that its website is a place of public accommodation because of its integration with its stores, and because it 'operates as a gateway to the physical store locations'."

Published reports say that Winn-Dixie plans to appeal.

A lawyer for the plaintiff said that he had been suing not for damages, but to get them "to follow the laws that have been in this nation for 27 years."
KC's View:
Add this to the list of lawsuits that most companies never would've thought they would have to defend as recently as 10 years ago. Just imagine the suits they'll have to defend 10 years from now.