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Craft breweries owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev - including Four Peaks, 10 Barrel, Elysian, and Wicked Weed - have gone on the record as being opposed to a new seal of approval introduced by the Brewers Association to differentiate independent craft beers.

The strong reaction, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch suggests, "may have something to do with that fact that all of the craft breweries that A-B InBev has recently acquired are excluded from using the seal."

The argument is that what ought to matter is the beer, not the ownership of the company that makes it. And, there is a suggestion that the Brewers Association may have violated its charter to represent the entire industry when it came up with the concept of a seal.

Andy Ingram of Four Peaks says in a video produced to oppose the seal that "when a major trade organization is saying it doesn’t matter what's in your glass as long as it’s independent, and they’re telling consumers that, then that’s a big issue, you’re saying go ahead and drink crap just as long as you don’t support the big guys. And it’s not healthy and not a good way going forward."
KC's View:
Give me a break.

This just strikes me as so disingenuous. I have no problem with independent craft brewers taking a big check from a multinational corporation so they can expand ... as well as so founders can get some return on their investments of blood, sweat, tears and money. It is absolutely fine.

I also have no problem with multinational corporations wanting to own these small breweries because they understand that this is where a lot of innovation comes from, and where consumers seem to be focusing their approbation these days. This also is absolutely fine.

But objecting to a trade association finding a transparent and honest way for small, independent craft breweries to differentiate themselves from those owned by big multinational companies? Really? I'd argue that you don't get to cash the check and still claim independence.

You cash the check, you have to shut the hell up. You still get to make beer that people want to buy and drink, but you don't get to claim independence anymore.

You don't get to claim you're a virgin if you're not.