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Sears late last week announced that will begin selling its Kenmore private-brand appliances on Amazon, as well as integrating Kenmore Smart appliances with Amazon's Echo/Alexa voice assistant platform.

Sears CEO Edward Lempert released a statement: "The launch of Kenmore products on will significantly expand the distribution and availability of the Kenmore brand in the US ... At the same time, Sears Home Services and our Innovel Solutions unit will benefit from the relationship as more customers experience their quality services for Kenmore products purchased on"
KC's View:
I suppose it had to happen eventually - I actually agree with Lampert ab out something. There's no question that Amazon will expand the distribution and availability of the Sears/Kenmore line, because nobody goes to freakin' Sears anymore. Hell, they could advertise them on MNB and expand these products' availability and distribution.

Is this a surrender on Sears' part? They probably don't think so. And maybe this does give them some breathing room, like for an extra week or two. But as a consumer, I'd be worried about buying Sears' own label anything because of a total lack of confidence that they're going to be arounds for much longer.