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ZeroHedge reports that while "spending on food at home and food away from home have been converging over the past 60 years, with traditional home-cooked family meals on the decline," we have, in fact, reached a significant point - " according to the USDA, for the first time ever, the amount spent eating out has surpassed what US consumers spend on food at home."

There are a couple of other pieces of information that, ZeroHedge says, are important within this context:

• "Consumers are eating alone more often and more 'on demand.' 47% of US meals are consumed alone and 43% of US consumers say they enjoy eating alone. Given how busy households and consumers have become, it is becoming more common to combine eating with catching up on news/social media, or to consume on the go."

• "Consumers are willing to pay a premium for increasing levels of convenience and on demand. Globally, on average, they are willing to pay 14% more for online grocery delivery, 25% more for meal kits, 30% more for prepared meals and 55% more for restaurant take-outs."
KC's View:
It seems to be generally accepted that young people are getting married later, having kids later, buying houses later, and buying cars later (if at all). We need to add to that list the probability that moving to what we think of as traditional shopping and eating patterns also is going to happen much later, if at all. Retailers that have depended on traditional patterns are going to have to think long and hard about this.