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The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is out with a “State of Grocery Shopping” survey, revealing that “99% of adults buy some or all of their groceries in-person” … and that “consumers visit physical stores personally because they seek immediate access to products (71 percent), the ability to select fresh meat, dairy and produce (70 percent), as well as see product options and select all other items in person ( 69 percent).”

According to the study, “When it comes to online grocery shopping, nearly three out of four consumers make purchases online (74 percent) and then pick up their order in store. Only one percent of consumers solely buy their groceries online and never go into a store to buy groceries.

“More than four out of ten consumers (44 percent) have their grocery purchases delivered to their home and over one-third (36 percent) have items shipped by mail or courier service to their home. Fifty-four percent of the high-end supermarket shopper who buys online has the retailer deliver the groceries to their home—the highest of any type of online grocery shopper.”

In looking at millennials’ shopping habits, the study found that “they shop at 5.9 different types of grocery stores, slightly above the average,” that “nearly one out of four Millennials (23 percent) shop three or more times a week for groceries,” that “even when ordering online, 81 percent of Millennials go to the store to pick-up their grocery order,” and that “ a significantly higher number of Millennials buy groceries from convenience stores (74 percent), Amazon/other pure online retailers (67 percent) and high-end supermarkets (66 percent).”
KC's View:
Only people who are delusional will be surprised by some of these results. Let me say it again - physical, bricks-and-mortar retailing isn’t going away. It is going to change, there probably will be fewer of them, and there will be less room for mediocre, ill-defined stores that aren’t relevant and/or don’t resonate with shoppers.