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by Kevin Coupe

Sometimes I get emails that are really Eye-Openers, working on a number of levels. Like this one, from an MNB reader:

Kevin, I think most in the MNB community are not aware of the extent to which companies are moving fast to implement AI.  Here’s (just) one example I’m involved with…  

Developing AI exam-scheduling tools for Eye Doc's offices  25,000 of them.

Eventually, we will automate the exam scheduling and reduce the office staff from 5 to 4.   Poof!  25,000 jobs gone.

The front desk receptionists will either get more skills and become opticians.  Or, find other jobs.

Today’s new hires will need special skills for the lowest level position in the doc's office.

Tomorrow’s young people (new hires) will need to bring even more skills to their first job.  EDUCATION, TRAINING, SKILL building.

Are our kids ready?  I know mine isn’t – and he doesn’t believe the “threat” of AI to his upcoming world.


That made me want to add a little Irish whiskey to my morning coffee.

There’s no question that AI is a threat. But we know it is coming, which means that we have the ability to prepare … and for our children to prepare by developing new skills and new attitudes toward their lives and careers.

People have a choice. Shape the future, or be shaped by it.

And thanks to the MNB reader who shared his Eye-Opening experience with us.
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