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Community-owned PCC Natural Markets, based in Seattle, announced yesterday that it is changing its name to PCC Community Markets, which it said would coincide with the creation of a new logo and new brand campaign.

Cate Hardy, the company’s CEO, noted that PCC started as a local food buying group in 1953, and that “as a community-owned co-op, we think about things differently, from our dedication to staff and our deep relationships with local producers, farmers and ranchers; to what makes it onto store shelves; to why we believe cooking food from scratch in each store every day is one of the most important things we do. The ‘why’ behind every decision we make starts with our community, and we want our name to reflect that commitment.”

PCC said that several new introductions reflect that local orientation, including a local, organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, animal welfare-certified yogurt from the nation’s only certified 100 percent grass-fed dairy, a spirits shop highlighting products from the Pacific Northwest, and a private-label line of fresh, ready-to-cook meal kit components that includes marinated and seasoned organic, non-GMO or grass-fed meats and fresh, organic vegetables.
KC's View:
Just calling a store a “community market” doesn’t actually make it one. In PCC’s case, though, it has a long history of serving its community of owners and shoppers, and so while this definitely is a marketing move to contrast itself with expanding and toughening competition, it also reflects reality. It’s always better that way.