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CNBC reports that upscale burger chain Shake Shack “ is opening its first-ever cashless kiosk,” in New York City’s Astor Place, this month.

According to the story, “This Shake Shack won't have a cashier's counter. Instead, guests will use digital kiosks or their mobile phones to place orders. Manning these kiosks will be ‘hospitality champs,’ Shake Shack employees who specialize in making customers' time in the restaurant as seamless and enjoyable as possible.” CEO Randy Garutti calls it “a place for the company to test out a variety of digital innovations and ways of connecting with its consumers.” Garutti says that while many customers still pay with cash in other locations, “the company wants to see if removing that option will make the dining experience more seamless.”

The story goes on: “In addition, instead of the traditional Shake Shack buzzer, diners will receive a text from the restaurant letting them know when their food is ready. This way customers are no longer tethered to the restaurant while their food is being prepared, Garutti said.”
KC's View:
I’m totally on board with this … especially if the goal is to make the experience more seamless and pleasant. I’m generally ordering from Shake Shack via the app anyway, so this plays right into my preferred behavior.