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CNet reports that Walmart has gone live with its offering of more than two million SKUs via the Google Express shopping site and mobile application and through the Google Home smart speaker system and, as an incentive, “will give customers a $25 coupon off a future Walmart order if they buy a Google Home or new Google Home Mini from Walmart when they link their accounts to Google Express.”

The story notes that “voice shopping is still a new arena in commerce, with few customers testing it out. But, Walmart and Google are hopefully they can team up to build a base in the area before Amazon takes over. Amazon essentially invented the voice shopping market and has a dominant position in the smart speaker market with its Echo family of devices.”
KC's View:
Again, Walmart shows itself to be more nimble and adaptable than many of us might have thought it would. This is probably going to be a very small segment for some time, but it makes sense for them to be in the game.