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The Chicago Tribune reports that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, even during the time when he was negotiating the sale of his company to Amazon, tried to encourage Google to make its own bid.

“Google is an amazing company, as well,” Mackey told a Chicago audience this week. “We had (a Google) executive on the Whole Foods board. And I remember when Amazon and Whole Foods were sort of courting each other and falling in love, I talked to that executive and said, ‘It’s not too late for Google to get in on this game’.”

According to the story, “It’s unclear whether Google was ever a serious consideration for merger. Mackey wasn’t available for questions after the event and a Whole Foods spokeswoman declined to comment further.”

Mackey did decline to describe how Whole Foods may change under Amazon’s ownership: “People want to know how we’re going to change the world, but we’re still on the honeymoon so I’m not going to say.”
KC's View:
Nothing like letting a spouse know shortly after the wedding that you were considering other proposals right up until the consummation of the relationship.

Though it probably doesn’t matter here, since Mackey’s continued active involvement with Whole Foods almost certainly has an expiration date on it.