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Re/code reports that Amazon has told suppliers of non-perishable grocery products that it is “ lowering the fee it charges them on items priced at $15 or less. Amazon previously charged 15 percent on all grocery items, but will now charge only 8 percent on the lower-priced goods for at least the next year.” An email to these suppliers says that the change is made “to help you list more products and keep prices competitive.”

The Re/code story says that “the move could be looked at as a competition-focused one: While Walmart also charges 15 percent across the board for grocery items sold through its online marketplace, its subsidiary charges only 10 percent for most non-gourmet packaged foods, according to its website.

“Perhaps more importantly, though, the fee reduction seems like an acknowledgement that it’s difficult for businesses to make a reasonable profit when selling some inexpensive groceries online.”
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