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USA Today has a story about how Walmart is approaching the end-of-year holiday shopping season - it plans to “roll out the deals, ramp up the convenience, and throw a party. Lots of parties … The world's biggest retailer is aiming to make the most of its more than 4,700 stores. Shoppers who get off the couch and venture out will not only get the chance to take selfies with Santa but can get assistance from Walmart's holiday helpers.”

In addition, the story says, “for the first time, Walmart will … host more than 20,000 holiday parties at its Supercenters. The first fetes, kicking off Saturday will have catalogs and stickers so the littlest shoppers can note what they want to find under the tree.” Walmart also plans to “feature 165,000 product demonstrations at its stores through the holidays.”

The goal is to double-down on the in-store experience with Walmart gambling that its fleet of stores can serve as a differential advantage in the competitive battle, especially against Amazon.
KC's View:
Makes perfect sense, if you work from the premise that Walmart’s stores are a differential advantage. This is a smart move.