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The Associated Press reports that Target CEO Brian Cornell is optimistic about the upcoming end-of-year holiday shopping season, believing that the company’s recent efforts - “revamping its stores, opening smaller locations in urban markets and trying to offer more expert customer help in areas like food, clothing, and electronics” - positions it well in the marketplace.

“I still believe that for well-run retailers that have great financial fundamentals who are investing in the business, there's great opportunity to take market share,” Cornell says. “I am absolutely determined to make sure Target is one of those winners.”

And, he adds, “We've been working all year to bring our new brand offerings to life, to bring more value to the guest. We have done a lot of work to reimagine stores and move into new neighborhoods, so the holiday season is where it all comes together … If you shop beauty today, we have someone there that can help you, who understands the category, that's there to assist you and make a decision. In apparel, there's someone who can put together an outfit for Friday night. So the guest reaction has been really positive. I'm absolutely confident that is leading to market-share improvements. We're seeing stability and improvements in food and beverage and a big uptick in produce. We now have produce experts.”
KC's View:
Okay. I’ll buy that. Let’s see if the numbers reflect the commitment. Stay tuned.