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AdWeek has a story about how now that it is owned by Amazon, Whole Foods seems entirely focused on making organic and healthy food accessible to more people, with an emphasis on “sale items, digital coupons, recipes, delivery options and customer stories.” But very little has been said about local sourcing, which also has been a hallmark of Whole Foods’ approach.

Whole Foods has denied reports that it is centralizing its product acquisition process, though it has acknowledged that it seeking greater efficiencies as a way of driving down costs and prices. The company has said it wants to be seen “as a burgeoning, tech-oriented, convenient, affordable, yet hometown player.”
KC's View:
The story also makes the point - and I know that a number of MNB readers will agree with this - that less of an emphasis on local by Amazon/Whole Foods “could help brick-and-mortar rivals worried about Amazon’s presence in the space.” It creates a space for smaller companies to differentiate.