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Fortune reports that a year into a beta test that was supposed to end in early 2017, Amazon is getting ready to open its Amazon Go store in Seattle, a small urban format that uses sensors instead of checkouts and cashiers, automatically charging customers as they leave the store.

After a year of testing, the story says, one of the few kinks still to be worked out is “accurately charging people in groups.”

Still unknown is whether, when the store opens to the public, it will sell any Whole Foods-branded items. Amazon bought Whole Foods earlier this year for $13.7 billion.
KC's View:
It also is unknown what the future for the technology will be, once all the kinks are ironed out. My suspicion is that once the concept has been proven in Seattle, we may see new Amazon Go stores open in other markets, in much the same way that Amazon Books stores have rolled out - slowly and strategically, in markets where it makes sense.