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by Kevin Coupe

Sunday, November 19, is the 16th anniversary of the very first day I wrote MNB.

That’s pretty cool, from where I sit … certainly the longest job I’ve ever had, probably because it rarely has seemed like a job.

I thank you for your patience and indulgence for all these years … it’s been an interesting evolution. In the early years, I’d occasionally be asked if MNB was a blog. My response usually depended on the age of the questioner - if they were young, I’d say yes. But if they had any gray hair, I’d use another word to describe it, since these folks didn’t see themselves as reading blogs. (I remember one association executive calling me a “blogger” but using a tone of voice that implied that she held the word in the same esteem as lice or bedbugs.)

The good news is that the world as changed, as we all (well, most of us, anyway) read blogs now, and listen to podcasts and stream videos and shop online and are accepting of the notion that innovation drives our lives more than ever.

And I’m proud of the fact that I’m a blogger, and have been writing a blog since before the term even was coined.

And it means so much to me that you’ve allowed me to not just write about business, but tell stories, weave metaphors, review books and movies and TV shows and wines and beers, and even share pieces of my life that have been happy (graduations and birthdays and anniversaries) and sad (the deaths of my dad and younger sister).

I also want to thank the sponsors who make this possible … because let’s face it, without them, MNB would not exist. Do me and yourself a favor, and go check out the companies advertising on MNB … it always has been a point of pride that these are terrific companies run by terrific people. I’m proud to be associated with them.

I’m getting to the age where my friends are starting to think about retirement, and so one of the questions I get a lot is when I’m planning to step down. My response remains the same - I cannot imagine giving this up ... because for me at least, MNB, almost every day, has been an Eye-Opener.
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