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Regarding the likelihood that the new Amazon Go checkout-free store will open to the public soon, MNB reader Paul Schlossberg wrote:

Odds are that Amazon and Whole Foods (and lots of others) will be taking the next steps to (staff-free) automated stores.


On another subject, one MNB reader had the following observation:

I am wondering why no fast food chain that I know of has come up with a way to capitalize on Black Friday. Call it Black Fryday. Advertise it. Make it unique. Draw in customers. There are millions of people stopping and shopping at multiple retail stores (or now shopping on line but still have the day off). Why wouldn't McDonalds or Burger King or some other chain try to lure shoppers into their locations to get a deal on Black Fryday? Change McDonald's red cardboard sleeves to black for the day. Maybe this is happening already and I just don't know about it.

Not that I know of. Good ideas.

Regarding my skepticism that tax cuts will actually result in higher wages for more employees, since CEOs are judged on their ability to drive up investor value and drive down labor costs, one MNB reader wrote:

As long as corporations have the capacity to meet current/near term demand, I don’t see why capital spending and/or hiring would measurably increase in the event corporate tax rates are cut.

The state of Kansas found something related when Brownback decided to cut taxes.  It seems to me that many politicians are holding up “Reaganomics” as a blueprint for future growth when this reality isn’t valid.

From another reader:

The cuts are to run up the debt in a way the next administration can’t easily reverse then complain about the debt and that we need to cut SS and Medicare. Ronald Reagan set up this paradigm and GOP has followed it ever since. Notice how debt is not an issue now ? It won’t be until another administration takes over then it will be number one issue. Again,.. and again.

And, regarding another story, from an MNB reader:

Thank you for starting out today's Morning NewsBeat by giving kudos to companies that are raising the bar for equality. LGBTQ rights are human rights, and I'm so proud to work for a company (Kroger) that recognizes that and strives to foster an inclusive environment. Thank you for sharing these heartening numbers!

My pleasure.
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