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Tech Crunch writes that Apple has decided not to ship its Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker system in time for the holidays, as originally planned.

The reason: Apple needs “a little more time” to get the system right.

The story concedes that “it’s always smart to spend a little extra time getting things right, rather than rushing into production — a lesson numerous tech co’s have learned in recent years. But this delay has got to be a a bummer for a product Apple was banking on for the holidays. The $350 speaker is the first home device to feature Siri baked in, a high-end competitor to Echo and Assistant offerings from Amazon and Google.”
KC's View:
Better to get it right than wrong. But with every passing day, the competition continues to make improvements and become integrated into people’s lives. I’m a Mac guy through and through, but I cannot understand the argument for why I should replace my Echo with a HomePod.