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Online grocer Door to Door Organics, which has been in business for 20 years and just a year ago acquired Relay Foods, has announced that it has gone out of business.

In a note posted on its website, the company said, in part: “In the end it’s hard to point to one thing that led us to this conclusion. Ultimately timing of recent events in our industry and the impact that had on our funding prospects were not in our favor with the ultimate result being no path forward.”

The website posting was self-congratulatory even in defeat:

“Ss a produce box delivery company operating out of a garage in Bucks County, PA and grew to be so much more. Over the years we’ve made nearly 3 million deliveries of organic produce and natural groceries, putting more Good Food into the hands of our customers than we ever dreamed possible all while supporting local farmers and vendors, and striving to have a positive impact on our communities … The strides we’ve made towards delivering on that promise and bringing you our best as a natural foods grocer are a testament to the passionate and dedicated support from both customers like you and our employees. What we achieved together was nothing short of remarkable. “

And, the site noted unfortunate timing: “We know many of you had counted on next week’s deliveries for your Thanksgiving meal. We sincerely apologize that we are unable to meet your family’s needs on this occasion.”
KC's View:
Things must’ve gone really badly on both the customer and investment fronts for them to shut down right before a time of year when you’d think they would be doing a lot of business. I feel bad for the employees who cast their lot with the company, for Relay Foods, and for the customers who depended on them.