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Variety reports that teen idol David Cassidy, who sung his way into the hearts of teenaged girls during the 1970s both as a solo artist and as a member of the fictional “Partridge Family” on TV, has passed away at age 67. The cause was listed as “complications from dementia … He had been hospitalized for several days with organ failure.”
KC's View:
A quick note if I may about a death of which I took earlier this week - Charles Manson. A few people write in to say that they thought it was inappropriate for me to mention it on MNB…

I’ve used the “RIP” section over the years to mention the deaths of people of note, people of interest, and people who have held some emotional connection for me. I only reported Manson’s passing because he was a historical figure who defined evil during the mid 20th century … and it seemed at the moment that I should do it.

Apologies if I offended anyone. I figured that that by headlining it “Death Notice” instead of “RIP,” it would make the point I wanted to make. But sometimes, for some folks, I miss the target.