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The Street has an interview with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon in which he says that the company is likely to continue its acquisitive ways - buying retailers such as Bonobos and Moosejaw that seem to be out of synch with its core business, as well as delivery companies such as Parcel - into 2018.

"We are trying to mostly build the assortment, a customer is looking to us for not just value but they want to have a wide selection," he says.  "We are focused on busy families, so moms are important - we want to make every day easier for busy families.”

McMillon also says that Walmart will continue to seek out alliances that make sense, like the recently announced deal that will have Lord & Taylor merchandise available via the Walmart site. "One of the realities of eCommerce marketing is that customer acquisition can be expensive, and so companies like Lord & Taylor are looking for traffic - I believe we have come up with a really unique partnership that will help them grow their business," McMillon says. 
KC's View:
Walmart continues to surprise with its willingness to try new things and demonstrate an unaccustomed nimbleness in how it approaches business. They used to be somewhat predictable … but they seem to have committed to sometimes taking the road less traveled if it helps them chart out a more relevant business model. Which only, by the way, makes Walmart/Jet more dangerous as a competitor.