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Yesterday, in our Eye-Opener, the story was about Amazon giving its Prime members the ability to buy tickets for advance showings of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, just another way in which it tries to make its Prime membership more robust. That’s important, because Prime members spend a lot more money a lot more consistently on Amazon than non-Prime members.

The Eye-Opener posed this question: What are you doing to compete with this kind of ambitious, aggressive marketing?

Well, it isn’t exactly the same thing, but yesterday Food Lion announced that it “is giving customers the opportunity to receive movie tickets from Fandango, the nation’s leading digital destination for all things movies during its ‘Hollywood Holidays’ promotion.” Customers can earn the tickets by buying five participating items, scanning their MVP card at checkout, and then getting a reward code that they can use to obtain the tickets.

This is smart, if only because it is designed to differentiate one retailer from another. It’ll have a lot more appeal if there are movies in theaters over the holidays that people actually want to see, but that’s beyond Food Lion’s control. (But the holiday movie season actually is looking pretty good, so I think they’re safe.)
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