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• Kroger-owned QFC said yesterday that it will begin offering home delivery at a majority of its stores in both Puget Sound and Portland, through a partnership with Instacart, which will operate in tandem with its ClickList store locations that offer online ordering for curbside pickup.

Motley Fool reports that Wendy’s is following McDonald’s lead by “offering home delivery in some markets … The chain has partnered with DoorDash to deliver its food direct to consumers at their homes or places of work in 48 markets nationwide, with plans to grow that number. This wider effort builds on a pilot program between the two companies earlier this year across 135 restaurants in the Columbus, Ohio, area.”

The move, according to the story, “adds a new level of convenience for consumers who now no longer have to walk further than their front door if they want a fast-food meal. In fact, convenience over everything else appears to be what consumers want, if the early success of home delivery is any indication.”
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